"One of Londons top indie nights!"
- The Guardian Guide

"You'll love the bands, the bards and the boogying at this quirky club!"
- The London Lite

"A fantastic night of indie, electro and retro...its chock full of cool cats, fashionistas and more sexy feelas in skinny jeans than you can shake a quivering stick at!"
- QX Magazine

"Get along to a Bloody Awful Poetry night!"
- The London Paper

Bloody Awful Poetry
An Essay

Bloody Awful Poetry is neither bloody nor awful. But there is poetry, mostly awful. And lots of music which is distinctly non-awful. In fact the music is rather great.

We put on events across London at venues such as Madame Jojos, Punk, Last Days Of Decadence, Lock Tavern, Soho Revue Bar, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, The Legion, Borderline and many many more.

A tiny selection of some of the acts we've hosted include...

Good Shoes VV Brown | Thomas Tantrum | Mumford and Sons | The Chapman Family | The Official Secrets Act | The Ghost Frequency | Akala | Ebony Bones | Vincent Vincent | The Outside Royalty | Rosie Oddie and The Odd Squad | The Bobby McGee's | SixNationState | Subliminal Girls | Popular Workshop | Catherine Anne Davies | Friends Of The Bride | The Indelicates | Butterfly Bangs | LR Rockets | Captain Black | Blah Blah Blah | The Skallywags | Alexander G. Muertos | Milk Kan | Orphans And Vandals | Dan Smith | Elle S'appelle | Scanners | The Clik Clik | MissOddKidd | Ezra Bang & Hot Machine | The Seal Cub Clubbing Club | The Social | De Tropix | Ryan O'Reilly

Whilst ourwebsite is under construction, you peer at our past press and other unmentionables at our myspace.

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